Gold Apple
Female Apple
Smoking Apple
Rainbow Apple
Zack Neff's Apple
Unique Dem Apple
Unique Dem Apple
Unique Dem Apple
Blue apple
Unique Dem Apple
Unique Dem Apple
Unique Dem Apple

Dem Apples NFT

A collection of 5500 NFTs brought to you by @goodboygriffin. Each NFT is completely unique upon reveal. Claim your access to the Dem Apples community and perks.

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What Are Dem Apples?

Dem Apples are a collection of 5,500 unique NFTs built on Ethereum. Made for people who love art, by people who love art.

Coming from the traditional art world - Griffin had a vision to merge what he does in studio every day with the blossoming metaverse.

From this vision - Dem Apples was created....

Dem Apples are fun, playful, full of joy, goofy, and designed to inspire.

Through Griffin's work - Dem Apples create a fusion between the physical and metaverse that we're excited to share with you all!

Spray paint appleRainbow apple with hole eyesFemale AppleBlue apple
Rainbow appleJesus thorns headdressSpray paint faceArrowPeace sign hand
Polkadot appleJesus thorns headdressPost it faceGreen roachesPirate hat
Blue appleGroucho GlassesMonster faceCockroachesCowboy hat top left
Golden appleDevil horns & tailHole eyesBig biteDead worm top left
Pink appleGrocery bagFemale faceShine bottom leftPink worm top left
Red appleFlowerDumb faceSmall bitePink post-it top left
Green appleBowMenaceGreen roachesDH hat top left

Traits + Rarity

While some Dem Apples claim to be tastier and rarer than others (random generation from over 125 possible traits) - all of them offer access to unique experiences and opportunites - centered around Griffin, his art, his shows, and his upcoming releases.

Coming Soon

Community Roadmap

10% Harvested

Limited Edition Physical Print Giveaway

While we know all you apple harvesters would love to eat your apples (except those with the rare worm), unfortunately it's almost winter in Chicago – meaning our apple farm isn’t in prime season. Instead of sending you an edible apple – we will launch a Dem Apples limited edition art print giveaway available to Dem Apples holders only. Will you be one of the lucky 10 community members to receive a Dem Apples print?

25% Harvested

Early Season Harvest

5 apples will be randomly harvested and sent to 5 lucky community members. Only the first 25% of Dem Apples holders will be eligible for the giveaway.

50% Harvested

Granny Smith Giveaway

To celebrate the half way point of harvesting season - 10 apples will be randomly given away to 10 lucky community members.

The team will begin constructing the voting process to donate proceeds to world hunger fighting charities.

The community fund has grown to 13.25 ETH.

75% Harvested

Exclusive Merchandise Drop

Dem Apples T-Shirt giveaway. 15 community members will receive a Dem Apple, along with a limited edition t-shirt design (with your apple)…that you can wear in the physical verse.

100% Harvested

A Studio Visit with the Artist/VIP Show Access

Our incredibly talented artist, Griffin is booked for multiple gallery shows across the world (including Chicago, London, and more) in the upcoming year. Receive exclusive access to meet and greet Griffin during opening week at any of his solo shows in the next year. Make sure to join the discord channel #SoloShows to keep up to date with where/when shows are and how to register.

The community fund has grown to 26.5 ETH. Get ready for a discord vote on which organizations we should donate to.

Farm Opens

Welcome to the Apple Orchard

All Dem Apples holders will get access to the Dem Apples Apple Orchard.

We've got a lot of exciting ideas for how we can continue to build the Dem Apples community. Stay tuned for exclusive access to future releases from Griffin.

Rainbow apple
Rainbow apple
Rainbow apple
Rainbow apple
Rainbow apple
Rainbow apple

Community Perks

Early access to Griffin's real-world art shows

Exclusive access to purchase limited edition prints + canvas pieces

Access to the Apple Orchard

Priority access to future NFT drops created by Griffin Goodman

100% ownership + derivative rights of your NFT

Help combat world hunger

The Artist

Unique Dem Apple


Artist & OG Apple Creator

Apple Seed Geneticist

Griffin Goodman lives and works in Chicago, IL. He received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019 and a BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2017. He has recently had a solo show with Andrew Rafazc Gallery (Chicago, IL) and recent group exhibitions at the Sarasota Art Center (Sarasota, FL), Jaw Gallery (Yamaguchi, Japan), and the Elmhurst Art Museum (Chicago, IL).

The Supporting Cast

Zack Neff's Apple

Zack Neff

Tech + Operations

Apple quality control

Blue apple


Blockchain Engineer

Former IBM Blockchain, now building the irrigation system

The blue devil

Anonymous Apple

Brand + Community

Tending daily to the farm


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